Beers of the world!

We have a great selection of bottled beers here at Del Rio! 
From all over the world, featuring classics like Budweiser, corona and sol. 
Cheers to …

Happy Sunday 

Happy Sunday! Have a fantastic day and remember we are open all day until 9pm this evening! 
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Fancy a cocktails??

Gin burrito?? 


Come and try! 

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Tex mex Christmas 

It’s nearing Christmas! Why not book a table with us! We have three packages! 
Bronze- 3 courses

Silver- 4 courses

Good- 5 courses (and a taxi home, …

Sunday funday.

Good morning everyone, we are open at 12 midday today, come and enjoy something different this Sunday. Our Tex-Mex menu will delight all taste …Read more >>

Homemade chocolate cheesecake!!

Happy hour ends in 1.45hrs. 

2 more hours left of 2-4-1 cocktails! 
Gin burrito??

Espresso martini?? 

Come in and try them all! 
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Another amazing review! 
Thank you, please share all your experiences and give feedback of your meal at Del Rio! 
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Homemade ice creams!

This week’s homemade ice creams include:
-Raspberry and white chocolate

-Jaffa Cake

-Pina Colada

-Iced Mocha

-Cherry Pie

-Bubble Gum
All for £1.75 a scoop. 
Ring now to book or just walk …

Our beautiful house wine 

Have you tried our house wines? We have a Chardonnay and a Tempranillo, both products of Spain. 
Small glass: £3.30

Medium glass: £4.35

Large glass: £5.90

Bottle: £17.00
Ring …